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Study on the Underlying Causes of Dental Fears

Posted by Editor in , on April 16, 2017

“Dentophobia,” or fear of going to the dentist, is unfortunately very real. While most people don’t particularly like medical appointments, advances in technology have made today’s dental visits pain-free, fast and comfortable. However, that does little to soothe worries steeped in urban legends or former subpar experiences. What is it, exactly, that some people dislike about the dentist? A recent study found it!

According to a study published in December 2016’s Health Affairs, the real fear is cost. The good news is that, over the years, fears steeped in avoidance of pain and discomfort have subsided. That’s great! We’re glad to hear that, considering we pride ourselves on offering a comfortable experience for all our patients.

Still, avoiding dental visits because of lack of insurance, poor quality insurance or concerns over payment plans can lead to a snowball effect. The reports found that Americans are more likely to skip dental care over any other type of healthcare.

Crunching Numbers

According to HealthDay News, 13 percent of working adults avoid dental visits because of cost and 25 percent of low-income adults do the same. The study shows that cost is a bigger deterrent three times over fear of pain! Even those who have private dental insurance are wary. Lead research Mark Vujicic reports that many times, there are high co-pays and benefit limits. “Anything beyond checkups, like getting a cavity filled or a root canal and a crown, you’re looking right away at 20 percent to 50 percent coinsurance,” he says.

Last year, 40 percent of dental care costs were paid directly by patients. Compare that to 11 percent of general health costs, and you can see the discrepancy.

Those numbers can be intimating, but it’s going to cost a lot more down the road if you avoid the dentist. At our dental office, we advocate for patients when working with insurance companies. We also offer truly reasonable and affordable finance options. Don’t let cost keep you from appointments. We’re here to help.