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Changing a smile is a big responsibility, so we work hard to get it right.  Discovering your thoughts about hoped for improvements, concerns and the expected ultimate result is where we start. During a professional consultation we use a smile analysis questionnaire to clarify your wishes and then discuss the results. Sometimes the solution is simple and we can decide immediately on a plan of action.  Frequently I prefer to study photographs and molds of your teeth before suggesting treatment options.  That means a follow-up consultation. We don’t charge for any consultations, photographs or study molds.


Several treatment possibilities are considered, including:  tooth whitening; orthodontics (minor and comprehensive); tooth reshaping; dental bonding; porcelain veneers; porcelain crowns; gum sculpting; and tooth replacement (implants and bridges).

The length of time to change a smile varies considerably.  It may involve only one or two brief procedures or it could take several months.  Once we have an agreement on our ultimate goal and a plan for achieving it, the timing can be arranged. Often patients are anxious to begin enjoying a new smile and we schedule for efficiency.  Sometimes finances take priority and we do treatment in phases.  Occasionally personal schedules are limiting and creative adjustments are called for.  We try hard to be flexible and accommodating.

In the end we want you to have the smile improvement that works best for you.  Our goal is for you to be able to knowledgably select the right mix of the anticipated final result, time involved and fee required.  It would be our pleasure to consult with you.  We think you will appreciate our thoroughness, expertise, compassion and candor.