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Value of a Smile

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of loving, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” 

– Mother Teresa

Research carried out by computer giant Hewlett Packard suggests simple human interaction is worth more than material pleasure.

Seeing a smile can be more pleasant than sex or eating chocolate according to their research.

Receiving a smile from a friend or relative generates much higher levels of stimulation to the brain and the heart than being given money or having a cigarette, according to clinical tests.

Below is an excellent video describing the benefits of smiling, both for the smiler and the smiled upon. To the left is a series of articles with similar themes.  If you are a bit inquisitive these may contain interesting information.  Many of you will simply acknowledge that you were unconsciously aware of these virtues, but perhaps not the extent or power of them.

Smile improvement is for more than vanity or self-confidence.  Helping folks smile more fully and frequently actually improves their health and their relationships.

Science is now confirming what we have intuitively known; smiling can make you and those around you happier. It makes us happy to assist the happiness of others.