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Smile! It Will Increase Your Face Value and Your Sales

Did you know we all have a very easy way to increase our sales on a  daily basis? It is about as plain as the nose on your face….just a little lower. It is your smile! And since a sales persons primary goal when working with customers is get them to like you, trust you and do business with you, making sure you have a smile is a very simple little thing to do that can have very big effects on your sales. A smile is one of the first things people see in an initial contact and it sets the stage for how the rest of your contact will go. And since the goal of this article is to help increase your sales, unleashing your most brilliant smile is a great place to start! Yes, smiling is a great way to increase your face value! In addition to the sales benefit studies have also shown there are health benefits from smiling. Research has proven that smiling lowers heart rate and produces less stress related breathing. What is interesting too is that when we smile, we cannot be angry at that moment because research suggests it is physiologically impossible. Yes, smiling is not only good for our health it is also a simple and easy way to increase your face so you increase your sales!

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