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Problems We Fix

Grooves and Gaps

Mary, 20 years old, had multiple spaces and old, discolored fillings that detracted from her appearance. In this instance, porcelain veneers were used, two visits were required and no anesthetic.


July, at age 36 had gown tired of grooves and roughness that gathered stain. She also wanted to close the gaps and change the shape of the teeth. Bonding changed this smile in one visit without anesthetic.


Crooked Teeth

Sheryl, age 22, had a misshapen tooth (“peg lateral”) and chipped tooth, We repaired both with bonding, being careful to create the appearance of translucent enamel at the biting edge.


We straightened his slant and filled out the smile. Eleven veneers did the job. Two visits, we used anesthetic.


Short and Worn

These teeth were, worn, stained and slightly cracked. She wanted a smile that reflected her confident, outgoing personality.


Aged and Stained

Cindy, age 43, wanted a “more professional” appearance. Time had darkened her teeth (note poorly matched old crown) and we decided to close the gap and lengthen the teeth also. Treatment was accomplished with seven veneers. Two visits and anesthetic was required.


Mary Lou, age 47, decided to make a major change in her smile. She felt her teeth looked too plain and wanted a “straight and very white” look. The top was treated with ten veneers which we maximally whitened and the bottom was bleached. Quite a contrast.chandler-dentist-before-after2

Brown Spots

Chad, a 14 year old, did not like the brown and white spots that showed after his braces were off. In one visit and with no anesthetic we bleached the spots away.



Rick, age 34, had his own business and wanted to look as successful as he felt. The left photo shows results of bleaching the bottom teeth only. We then used veneers to correct his crowding and matched them to the bleached lowers. Six weeks of treatment time, anesthetic was used.