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Teeth Whitening

Whitening is one of our favorite treatments and is the most popular cosmetic procedure that we offer.  Even moderate changes in shading can make a nice improvement in smile attractiveness.  Whitening is exceptionally economical as far as dental services are concerned.  It is conservative, we don’t drill any tooth away.  The results can be impressive.


Whitening is occasionally frustrating.  There is a significant variance in effect among individuals, so results are not especially predictable.  Tooth and gum sensitivity sometimes occur during treatment.  The initial shade obtained is not entirely stable.  The whiteness fades a little after a few days and a lot after several months.
If the position and shape of your teeth are satisfying, then one of the whitening choices that we offer may be your answer to a more pleasing smile.

At Home

bleaching-trayProfessional at home bleaching involves using custom-made bleaching trays (kind of like very thin athletic mouth guards) and a bleaching gel.  At a first visit impressions are taken to allow fabrication of a mouthpiece that is customized to exactly fit your teeth.  This customization allows for maximum contact between the whitening gel, which is applied to the mouthpiece tray, and the teeth.  A custom-made tray also minimizes the gel’s contact with gum tissue.    At the second visit the trays are confirmed to fit properly, the bleaching agent is provided and instructions are given for usage.  Effectiveness of the process is a function of the concentration and freshness of the active bleaching ingredient, length of contact time with the teeth, how long the bleaching activity continues after placement and how much dilution occurs from saliva.  It is estimated that less than ½ of people who commit to at home bleaching actually follow through effectively enough to obtain the hoped for improvement.

OVERNIGHT WEAR Using a lower concentration of bleaching agent and the convenience of just wearing the trays overnight is one of the best and easiest methods to lighten your teeth.  It is my personal favorite.  The process requires a minimum 14 days of nighttime wear to achieve optimum results.

ONE-HOUR PER DAY by using a higher concentration, good results can be obtained with 30 to 60 minute applications once or twice a day for one to two weeks. This technique is preferred by those who find nighttime wear difficult or whose lifestyle makes it easy to treat for brief concentrated times.   For some patients with sensitivity issues the shorter wear time (despite higher concentration) seems to offer relief.

TWO LEVELS In order to be fair with our patients, financially competitive in the marketplace and still able to obtain expected results, we offer two levels of At Home Whitening: “Normal Bleaching” and “Kor Whitening”.

Normal Bleaching is as the name suggests, the most commonly employed bleaching protocol in the dental profession. For Normal Bleaching we use the most popular bleaching ingredient made by the best selling manufacturer and utilize standard impression materials and bleaching tray design.

Results with Normal Bleaching have been good, but less predictable than ideal, so we also offer the Kor Whitening system which is a little more expensive but seems to improve our outcomes.

The Kor whitening agent has a clearly marked expiration date (not found on most other systems). Since heat and light are known to degrade the active ingredient, the Kor product is produced and stored in a refrigerated environment and actually arrives from the manufacturer in a Styrofoam container with an ice pack. We keep it in a refrigerator until dispensing or using in office. This ensures the freshest, most effective product.

Additionally, we are fastidious about the fit and construction of the whitening trays. Our molds are made with the same extremely accurate impression material used for crowns and bridges. We also take two extra steps in tray fabrication to ensure a tight seal around the tooth. This helps prevent salivary contamination, which can neutralize the bleaching gel. Also important is our design of reservoirs in the trays so that they can hold a larger volume of whitener and thus work longer and stronger.

We are happy to provide fee ranges and offer advice for treatment selection.

In Office

Since bleaching effectiveness is largely a function of concentration we can speed up the process by using stronger ingredients.  This requires protecting the gums from the caustic effect of the higher concentration, which means it needs to be done in a professional setting.

We offer a “Deep Bleaching” option which involves both in office and at home treatment.  Deep Bleaching is a step above the At Home  or other In Office  (light  or laser assisted) whitening in terms of results.  However, it involves more time , effort and money.  It is described briefly below with a link to their informative website.

A final in office procedure involves removal of brown spots. This can be accomplished in one visit, involves no anesthetic and is a permanent solution.  There may be some accompanying issues however and your situation should be evaluated before treating.

Deep Bleaching

bleaching-teeth-whitening-3This is an extreme process to lighten the most stubborn darkness and in my opinion is the most effective whitening technique ever invented.  Dr.Rod Kurthy is the developer and has been refining the details for a few years.  Most people are not in need of this approach as the more customary treatments are generally satisfactory.  Consider this choice if you have dark discoloration that has not responded to more conventional therapy and you want to avoid the invasiveness of veneers or crowns.  Occasionally we have folks who just demand the whitest result and are willing to go the extra mile in cooperating with this challenging regimen.  While this is not the simplest approach, it affords the most impressive results.  Go to for details.

Brown Spot Removal (Micro Abrasion)

bleaching-teeth-whitening-4For those few who are saddled with brown stain on their teeth, which usually has been there since the teeth came in, we have an easy and elegant solution that generally is preferable to the common whitening methods.  Ask us for a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does insurance cover the cost of whitening procedures?
 No, this is not typically covered.

Do teeth whiteners damage tooth enamel?
 Studies have shown little effect on the hardness or mineral content of a tooth’s enamel surface.

Do teeth whiteners damage existing dental restorations?  
No damage has been shown to existing fillings in studies over ten years.  It is important to understand that existing restorations will not whiten and may be more evident when the bleaching process is complete.  They may need to be replaced to match the new tooth shade.

Do teeth whiteners damage a tooth’s nerve?
  There is no evidence to date that the tooth whitening process has a harmful effect on the health of the tooth’s nerve.  If sensitivity develops during the treatment, it is transitory, disappearing after a few days with no long-term effects.