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financesWhen it comes to talking about finances, our goal is to provide you with clear information regarding our fees, payment options and any possible insurance benefits. Before treatment begins you will receive a written estimate of the fees anticipated. When insurance is expected to cover a portion of the treatment, we will do our best to accurately estimate your anticipated benefit and to advocate effectively on your behalf with the insurance company.

We make our living providing dental services and want to do your treatment. However, we also believe that our patients are happiest when they are financially sensible, so we are not particularly likely to extend office credit for elective cosmetic procedures. Below are listed our payment options.

PLAN A: Prepayment Courtesy
We offer a 5% discount for all treatment ($500 or more) that is paid for in full by the time treatment begins, by cash or check.

PLAN B: Pay As You Go
We accept credit cards as well as cash or checks.

PLAN C: Split Payment
This option is available for patients who are diagnosed with treatment that requires more than one visit to complete(for example a crown). In this plan 1/2 of the fee is paid at the beginning of treatment and the remainder is paid at the appointment when treatment is complete.

PLAN D: Special Arrangements
We occasionally are willing to be a little flexible. If you want us to consider your unique situation, explain what your circumstance is and why it would be a good idea for us to bend the rules. We will evaluate the appropriateness of your proposal.