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2470 West Ray Road Suite 1, Chandler, AZ 85224

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Choosing a Dentist

You might want to consider these 5 questions when selecting a dentist.

  1. Are they competent?  Do they know what they are doing?  The bottom line is, can they get the job done well?
  2. Do they have good character?  Do you believe what they say?  Can you trust that your best interest is being served?
  3. Are they caring?  Are your physical comfort and emotional concerns compassionately addressed?  Will they honor your physical and emotional concerns?
  4.  Are they conservative?  Do they believe in “First do no harm”? Are they willing to monitor minor discrepancies rather than rush to treat?
  5.  Will they allow you to judge what is preferred care for your body and your pocketbook?  Will they explain the risks, benefits, and alternatives, letting you decide whether to treat or how to treat?

If these are important issues for you, then it is probable that you will like us.  We hope to earn, deserve and keep your trust.