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Dealing with Anxiety and Fear

Anxiousness about dental treatment is more common than you might think.  When you see other people in the reception room, you have no idea how they feel about their upcoming treatment.  Don’t assume that you are the only one with this issue.  I personally am not very courageous about some medical procedures, so I tend to be pretty sensitive and aware.


Fortunately we can help with these concerns.  Perhaps a little “happy air” (nitrous oxide) will be all it takes to tolerate a procedure.  If that doesn’t seem strong enough, then we have a choice of oral sedatives that offer more profound effects (one includes the likelihood of not remembering much of the visit).  Of course you will need a driver for anything more than nitrous oxide. 

A heads up by you about your worries will allow us to explore the options and help you to have a good experience.