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Dentists Need Fitness, Too!

Posted by Editor in on April 30, 2017

If you haven’t heard of the Ninja Dentist on YouTube … well, you’re probably not a dentist or hygienist. Most patients don’t consider the back-breaking work of dental professionals and what a stress that can cause on the back, shoulders and arms. If you think being hunched over a computer all day is bad for the body, imagine crouching over a dental chair all day! We love what we do, but it makes sense that dentists and hygienists would benefit from frequent breaks, stretching and strength training.

The Dental Ninja is a dental professional, athlete, and fitness fanatic. You can check out her YouTube videos here. However, one of her talents we’re especially fond of is her ability to design fast fitness regimens for dental professionals in between seeing patients. Counteracting poor posture (slouching) is paramount to a long, healthy and productive life—and career!

Fitness for All

Making sure you keep up with your dental checkups is a great way to stay on top of your health. However, take a cue from the Ninja Dentist and prioritize regular fitness breaks throughout the day. Dentists might have a little more extreme slouching and upper body aches than other professionals, but many of us “live” in a world with a bowed back, excessive forward lean and slouched shoulders.

Strengthening the lower traps and stretching the pectorals and lats is a great starter. You might also want to try standing against a wall where your heels, calves, bum, shoulders and back of the head touch. This is proper posture and neutral spinal alignment, but for many people it feels strange! This “anatomic position” with palms facing forward and backs of the hand touching the wall should be imprinted into your psyche. Practice it when walking, standing, and sitting (the upper portion).

Dentists are just part of a bigger part of holistic well-being. How are you staying healthy?